Welcome to the world of Siyotanka. Share Takoda’s journey into the wild to fulfill his destiny of bringing the flute, Siyotanka, back to his people. Relive his unforgettable musical encounters with Nuka, the woodpecker, Hinhan, the sagely owl and Hexaka, the great elk. The Grammy nominated musical score to the original world premiere play written by Michael Brant DeMaria and Stephen C. Lott, based upon the Lakota legend.

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The Siyotanka Legend
The Siyotanka Story


"Siyotanka is amazing. It allows the audience to become emotionally involved in the life and spirit of the characters. It is a beautiful tale told with the right amount of mystery, authenticity and humor. The story unfolds in such a way that one can't tell what will happen next, then unexpectedly, it blooms into a flower. People really must see it, feel it and taste it to appreciate Siyotanka's depth and power.  This show said everything I would want to say if I had a venue to do so. Everybody who has the opportunity to be touched by this story will feel deeply and have their soul replenished. Please keep this story going, it needs to be told."


Chief Bobby Johns Bearheart

Chief of the Perdido Bay Tribe of the Lower Muskogee Creek

7 Crystal Awards

#1 on the

New Age/

World Charts

February 2009

6 months

in the top 20

Native American

Music Award Winner

October 2009

(Native Heart)

Grammy Nominated

For Best

Native American

Music Album 2010

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